What is the Cost of Pest Control for Ants

Mar 20, 2023

What is the Cost of Pest Control for Ants

Ant Pest Control | What is the Cost of Pest Control for Ants

Nobody wants ants in or around their home, however people are less likely to contact ant pest control to remove these pests when they are discovered for a few reasons. First, people aren’t as afraid of ants as they are with mice or wasps for instance. They are likely to try some over the counter pest control solutions to get rid of ants first. Ultimately, it’s usually the frustration with these tiny annoyances that will push the homeowner to finally call a professional.

And while there are several different types of ants. Such as thief ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants, Argentine ants and acrobat ants – the most common ant species found in Calgary. These different ants have different reasons why they’ve infested your home or yard, the time and expense of the removal will always depend on where the infestation is, and how large it is.

However while most people want to know what is the cost of pest control for ants, the ants exterminator experts at Major Pest Control will let you know the exact figure after they determine what type of ant problem you have, and if there’s anything you need to do afterwards.

Why Do You Have An Ant Infestation

For example, many ants are drawn to moisture, like odorous house ants, moisture ants, acrobat ants or pharaoh ants. You may want to call other experts in to find out the nature of your moisture problem, such as leaky pipes that need to be repaired, or a drainage problem on your property. If you had an infestation of carpenter or moisture ants, they tend to eat or chew up wood, and you will most likely not only have to replace the wood the ants destroyed. But you will also likely have to repair the wood that is damp or rotten in the first place that attracted these pests.

In order to get a cost, call your local ant pest control company such as Major Pest Control. They will be able to come on site to your home, office or yard in order to investigate and find out what type of ants are infesting your property. As well as to determine how large the infestation is. As well, the different methods of removal will differ depending on the type of colony that is set up, but most people should be prepared for anywhere around $300 to $1000 to remove these pests once and for all.

Ant Pest Control | Call the Experts if you See any Ants

That’s the benefit of calling the ant pest control experts. Not only do they know what they are doing, and are extremely good at it. But Major Pest Control also has a 100% money back guarantee.  So when you call them in to remove the infestation, you know they will be gone for good. This is especially important because even if the nest or colony is destroyed or removed, hundreds ants that are out foraging will come back, and may find places to stay.

Thief ants for example, are long distance foragers and can return days later, so a guarantee for ant pest control is very valuable. Also, there are some things you should take note of when you first start seeing these tiny pests around your home and yard. Figuring out what types of ants you have will help you decide to call in the ant pest control experts sooner, rather than later.

For one, if you are seeing holes in various wood surfaces in your home, with or without small piles of wood at the entrance of each hole, you should call for an ant pest control company sooner rather than later. You likely have carpenter ants or pharaoh ants. They will not only destroy the wood, but these pests prefer wet or rotten wood, which is also an indicator of a larger problem.

Not only do you need to find what’s causing the wood in and around your home to become wet or rotten, but you will also have to fix the rotten wood as well. If you spot this, call sooner rather than later!

Ants Thrive in Different Environments

Other ants prefer to build a nest or colony where it’s moist or damp, like acrobat ants, Argentine ants, odorous ants, or pharaoh ants prefer. This is often an indication of leaky pipes or tears in moisture barriers or foundations that need to be repaired.

If you see ants under your sink, around your bathtubs, shower surrounds and toilets, or near your washing machine or dishwasher, call the ant pest control company sooner rather than later, before your leak turns into a bigger disaster for your home!

If you don’t have rotten wood or moisture problems, you’re still not immune to an ant infestation. Ant pest control says many other types of ants are drawn to the warmth of your home, like little black ants, or odorous house ants. And other ants are attracted to food, such as food that’s been left out in your home, or if you haven’t cleaned up spills quickly.

Even having pet food sitting out can attract these pests. Ants that are likely to feast on bits of food in your home include thief ants, Argentine ants, and little black ants.

Not All Ant Infestations Are Obvious

Finally, don’t assume you don’t have an ant problem if you don’t see an obvious colony. Ant pest control companies say that is another reason why homeowners delay in contacting them to remove the pests. They see a few, or even a few dozen ants, but not an ant hill, so they don’t think they’re infested. In fact, most ants will not have a large ant hill indicating the infestation.

Carpenter ants and moisture ants are often living in the wood of your home. While other ants that love moisture will live within the walls, close to the humid pipes, such as moisture ants, pharaoh ants and field ants. Acrobat ants will live under rotting logs and stumps, while pavement ants will burrow under concrete, and the only sign you will see of them, are small displaced piles of dirt.

The colony can have thousands, but you will only see very small dirt piles. And finally, thief ants not only are resistant to most ant traps and insecticides, but they are often overlooked as nuisances because their colonies are small and inconspicuous. If you see ants, call ant pest control right away!

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