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Bed Bugs

We are expert bed bug exterminators in Calgary. Book now!

Mice & Rodents

We are expert mice exterminators in Calgary. Book now!


We are expert cockroach exterminators in Calgary. Book now!


We are expert ant exterminators in Calgary. Book now!


We are expert wasps exterminators in Calgary. Book now!


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We are expert spider exterminators in Calgary. Book now!

Birds & Wildlife

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Ripon Mahmud
Ripon Mahmud
Awesome service! I woke up and found my basement to be infested with thousands of pavement ants and carpenter ants. I called a few companies who were all booking few weeks out. I called and spoke with Ray and explained how to get rid of ants. He had a technician dispatched to my home the same day. They were professional, friendly, and very thorough and did an amazing job. I highly recommend Major Pest Control.
Shahin Raaz
Shahin Raaz
Super quick and premium service. I heard a lot of good things about Major Pest Control so I decided to book with them to deal with our ongoing Ant problem. We had tried multiple home remedies with no luck so we were losing hope. Ray still exceeded our expectations as we haven’t encountered a single ant 🐜 since he treated our place and it was actually a much easier process than we anticipated. They were very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. Ray explained the entire process and did a very thorough job. I highly recommend Major Pest Control.
Mohammed Adib
Mohammed Adib
Great Service! Really don't know how to thank Ray. He is a wonderful person, very friendly and very professional. My husband found Ray from google search along with a couple of others and he was the first person to respond to my message and set up a site visit. Turns out that the issue is not caused by insects so he didn't charge me a penny. We had severe mice and voles problem for long time. They solved a problem that no one else could figure out all entry points and droppings. They set up bait stations and sealed potential entry points. Our technicians were always on time, very professional and super helpful. I surely trust Major Pest Control. I highly recommend Major Pest Control.
Zain Bashir
Zain Bashir
I recently had the pleasure of hiring Major Pest Control Services to perform a proofing job in my kitchen, and I couldn't be happier with the results. We had mice infestation. They carefully assessed the areas and provided me with a detailed explanation of the process. Their expertise and attention to detail instilled confidence in me right from the beginning. The team was meticulous in sealing off potential entry points for pests, including gaps around pipes and vents. Ray was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Major Pest Control.
Wasif Zaheer
Wasif Zaheer
Major pest control is the best pest control in Alberta. They were very punctual, very professional and always on time. Ray explained how get rid of bed bug. They did the service. First service our problem is solved. Second service was a follow up. Now we don’t have any bed bug. I highly recommend them.
nicholaserjin f
nicholaserjin f
Major pest control services is the best mice control in Alberta. Ray is very professional, Friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them.
Kbrab Eyob Okbagabr
Kbrab Eyob Okbagabr
We had cockroach infestation under the sink, kitchen areas and the basement. Ray did the inspection and explained how to get rid ofcthe cockroaches. They were vey thorough, helpful and professional. I highly recommend them.

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Watch this short video on how we take care of your pest problems in Banff! We are very thorough and committed to the best service!

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We Get Rid Of Mice



Watch this short video on how we take care of your mouse or rodent problems in Banff! We are very thorough, helpful, and we always guarantee our service.

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We Get Rid Of Cockroaches



Watch this short video on how we take care of your cockroach problems in Banff! We are very thorough and committed to the best service!

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We Get Rid Of Bed Bugs



Watch this short video on how we take care of your bed bug problems in Banff! We are very thorough and committed to the best service!

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We Get Rid Of Ants



Watch this short video on how we take care of your ants problems in Banff! We are very thorough and committed to the best service!

Major Pest Control In Banff Gets Rid Of Ants. Guaranteed Or It’s Free! Call Now.

We Get Rid Of Wasps



Watch this short video on how we take care of your wasp problems in Banff! We are very thorough and committed to the best service!

Major Pest Control In Banff Gets Rid Of Wasps. Guaranteed Or It’s Free! Call Now.

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Types Of Pest Control Okotoks Services We Offer


Exterminating Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Mice Control, Wasps & Wasp Nest removal, Voles, Flies, Beetles, Squirrel Removal, Bird Issues, & Ant Hills are some of the most common issues we deal with on a daily basis in Okotoks and surrounding areas. No matter what your bug, rodent, bird or wildlife problem is, we’ll take care of it for you quickly, and follow up with you to make sure your happy with our service. Reach out to us for a free Okotoks area pest control quote or advice. We’re happy to help.

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Guaranteed Pest Control 24/7

Okotoks Residential Pest Control & Extermination


Okotoks Pest Control Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We help home owners and renters take care of any Okotoks pest control, rodent, wildlife, bird, or reptile issues. Our certified pest control technicians will address your concerns and identify and extermination or control solutions, then discuss with you your options.

You can rest assured with our Okotoks pest control guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our results its free. We will always follow-up with you and even make a second visit if necessary to ensure our clients are fully satisfied.

Reach out to us any time. We’re here to help.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Okotoks


Okotoks’s commercial pest control experts!

Our commercial pest control programs target pests like mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, flies. We’ll also help you take care of rodents like mice or control nuisance birds like pigeons.

If you have a specific commercial pest control problem we can address that immediately and effectively. We can also audit your building or facility space for pests and provide a comprehensive pest control program that will ensure you space stays pest free from season to season.

Call us for for any Okotoks area commercial pest control solutions or questions and we will be happy to help.

All of our services are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied we will make it right, or you don’t pay.

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24/7 Pest Control Service

multi unit pest control in airdrie for bugs mice and cockroaches by major pest control airdries best exterminators

24/7 Exterminator Service

Apartment Units, Condos, Rentals


Okotoks’s multi-unit pest control experts!

Let us help. We will ensure a single unit is treated effectively to be pest free, and in the case of infestations, that all surrounding units are treated effectively for pests. Cockroaches and bed bugs can quickly cause problems for more than the source unit. Apartments, condos, and town-homes with adjoining units must be examined and treated properly to contain any pest control issues and stop the spread of insects or rodents to other parts of a building or facility.

Our Calgary pest control company has trained technicians, certified in pest control, with the right methods and treatments to solve your pest control problems. Reach out to us today!

What is bugging you? We can help

Major Pest Control Calgary is one of the leading pest control & extermination companies in Okotoks and Alberta, providing professional pest control solutions and services 24/7. Our process is fast, safe, effective, affordable and environmentally friendly. We’re a top-rated Banff exterminator and offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our pest control services. Reach Out To Us.

We take care of all types of bugs & insects with our proven pest control methods.

We’ll help you get rid of your rodent problem. Mice, moles, voles, gophers & more.

We have all the tools and experience to properly handle wildlife control issues.

Schedule a pest control audit or set up a meeting to discuss a pest control program.

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Okotoks is a town in the Calgary Region of Alberta, Canada. It is on the Sheep River, approximately 18 km south of Calgary. Okotoks has emerged as a bedroom community of Calgary. According to the 2016 Census, the town has a population of 28,881, making it one of the largest towns in Alberta. The town’s name is derived from “ohkotok”, the Blackfoot First Nation word for “rock”. The name may refer to Big Rock, the largest glacial erratic in the Foothills Erratics Train, situated about 7 km west of the town.

FAQs About Pest Control Okotoks Services

How much does pest control cost?

Standard services start as low as $75 per visit, but much depends on your specific pest problem. We do offer FREE QUOTES so simply request a quote here for a detailed pest control estimate.

How long does pest control take?

We get to work right away for our customers. As soon as your schedule allows we will assess the pest control options and then provide our service as soon as possible, usually the same day or the next day. Contact us anytime to discuss or book.

What types of insects do you control?

Insects we control include cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, spiders, wasps, flies and any other Okotoks pests.

Do you control mice and other rodents?

Yes, we control any nuisance rodents including mice, voles, moles, squirrels and more. Small rodents can lead to big problems if left to grow in numbers. Our certified technicians will control all rodents and wildlife using proven methods.

Can you help with pigeons, barn swallows, or other bird control?

Yes, we offer numerous methods of control and deterrence for birds that pose an issue to your property. Reach out to us for more information or a free quote on your bird problems.

Do you offer any guarantees for your services?

Yes. Our team are all certified technicians and Major Pest Control guarantees our customers will be satisfied with the results of our service. And we will always follow up to ensure your pest control treatment was effective, and we will provide a second treatment if required.

If you are still not satisfied after 30 days, our service is FREE, because we want nothing more than to make our customers happy. See more about our Guarantee here.

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