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Rodent & Mice Control In Calgary


Learn more about mice , what they do, what to do with them below! If you are looking for expert mouse control in Calgary we are here to help!

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What Are Mice


Mice are small rodents characterized by their rounded bodies, furry appearance, pointed snouts, large ears, and a lengthy, slender tail. These creatures come in various shades, from light brown to gray or even black, depending on the species. If you’re trying to determine whether you have mice in your home, look for distinct signs such as their tiny, rice grain-sized droppings. Also, keep an eye out for chewed materials or nibble marks on food packages, as these can be indications of their presence.

Calgary, with its unique blend of urban and natural landscapes, is home to several types of rodents. The most common among them is the House Mouse, a small creature with a grey coat and a love for cozy indoor spaces. Then there’s the Deer Mouse, distinguishable by its white belly and feet, often found in more rural or outdoor settings. The Norway Rat is another resident, larger than its mouse counterparts and characterized by its brownish-grey fur. Last but not least, the Meadow Vole might make an appearance in your garden or lawn, sporting a short tail and a stout body. Recognizing these rodents and understanding their habits can be the first step in managing any unwanted encounters in your Calgary home.

Foraging: Both mice and rodents are primarily nocturnal, which means they’re most active during the night. They’re constantly on the lookout for food, often nibbling on a variety of items.
Nesting: These critters love to build cozy nests, especially in preparation for their young ones. They use materials like shredded paper, fabric, and insulation to construct these shelters.
Indoor Spaces: Attics, basements, garages, and spaces between walls can be ideal for these creatures, especially when seeking warmth during colder months.
Outdoor Areas: They’re often found in burrows, under decks, in garden sheds, and in thick vegetation or woodpiles.

The Importance of Mice Control in Calgary

Rodent and mouse control in Calgary isn’t just a matter of convenience—it’s crucial for the well-being of homeowners and the community. These little invaders, while seemingly harmless, can bring about a slew of issues. Given Calgary’s unique climate and urban layout, it offers rodents like mice a tempting sanctuary during colder months. By addressing rodent problems proactively, Calgary residents ensure not only the structural integrity of their homes but also safeguard their family’s health and peace of mind. It takes much less prevention than action to get rid of an infestation!

Health Risks and Property Damage

Dealing with a rodent infestation is more than just a nuisance; it’s a genuine health concern for households. These tiny intruders are known carriers of various diseases like hantavirus, salmonellosis, and even the plague. Their droppings, urine, and even the dander from their fur can contaminate food and surfaces, posing risks if ingested or if they come into contact with open wounds. Moreover, rodents can also bring in ticks and fleas, which carry their own set of diseases. But don’t be too alarmed! By being aware of these risks and taking proactive measures, you can protect your home and loved ones from potential health hazards.

A rodent infestation isn’t just a concern for our health; it can also spell trouble for our homes. These resourceful critters have strong teeth that they use to gnaw on a variety of materials, from wires and insulation to wood and plastic. Over time, such behavior can lead to electrical issues, compromised structural integrity, or even potential fire hazards due to chewed wires. Not to mention the mess they can create with their nesting materials and food scavenging. It’s essential to be vigilant! Addressing the signs of an infestation early on can save you from costlier repairs in the future and maintain the safety and value of your property.

Common Mice Control in Calgary FAQs

Why Do I Have Mice In Calgary?

Living in Calgary presents unique challenges for homeowners, especially when it comes to mice. The city’s combination of urban development and colder climate creates an environment where these little critters seek warmth and shelter, often inside our homes. As winter approaches, mice are on the lookout for cozy spots to nest and access to consistent food sources. Our homes provide just that! From garages, basements, to even small crevices in walls, these tiny invaders find their way in. Being aware of this seasonal pattern and the city’s natural allure for mice can help homeowners stay proactive and prevent unwanted guests.

What Attracts Mice To Your Calgary Home?

Mice will feed on most things left behind by humans. Things such as unsealed garbage or compost are food the mice will search out and eat. Mice are also looking for shelter in and around your property. Debris on your lawn or an unclean home could give them a place to nest and settle.

How To Prevent Mice From Entering Your Calgary Home

No one wants mice in their Calgary home or business, so it’s best to prevent them before you have to get them removed. We have put a short list on ways we recommend to prevent mice from entering in and around your property.

  1. Always store your garbage in rodent-proof containers.
  2. Make sure you don’t leave food for your pet outside all the time, as this is an easy meal for the mice. 
  3. Your bird feeders should always be rodent proof and keep the seeds from falling onto the ground.
  4. Keep the yard and home clean, free of debris and places where a mouse could nest.
  5. Make sure you also avoid leaving any standing water such as bird baths, as mice always love a nice, refreshing drink.
  6. Ensure the perimeter of your home or business is in good condition, or seal any place where a mouse may enter. Mice can squeeze through some very small spaces.

Where Do Mice Live In Calgary, And Why?

Mice will either live in nests they have built or burrow underground. If the nest is underground they tend to make those in your lawn or garden around your home. With their nests above ground they will make them in bushes, trees, and of course, your home, walls, and almost anywhere they gain access to.

Mouse Control Calgary - D.I.Y. Ways To Remove Mice

The usual D.I.Y. mice removal is of course mouse traps. You can purchase traps with poison for your mice pest problem that tend to work better than others, but be careful with any poisons. However, nothing beats the work of a professional pest control expert. If the mice won’t go away or keep coming back, the best way to handle a mice issue is to contact a licensed pest professional who can remove the mice pest problem.

How Much Does Professional Mouse Control Cost?

Mouse control costs depend on the size of the mouse problem, but most range from $200 to $400 and up. Our experts on site will give you a detailed inspection and quote and we guarantee our mouse control and mice extermination service. We wouldn’t want mice in our house, and we don’t want any in your either. Reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Where Can You Find Mice In Calgary?

All ABout Mouse COntrol In Calgary. Mice In Calgary Love Cabinets, Cupboards and Pantries.

Cabinets and Cupboard

Mice Like Debris and Lawns that act like insulation. Mouse runs in Lawn.


Keep Mice Out Of Your SHed and Building Walls. Mice In My Garage. How To Stop Mice From Getting In Your Garage. Experts At Mouse Control


Mice In Gardens Calgary Mouse Control. Keep Mice Out Of Garden.


Mice like Loose and Broken Floorboards and Baseboards

Baseboards & Floor Boards

All ABout Mouse COntrol In Calgary. Mice In Calgary Love Cabinets, Cupboards and Pantries.

Shops and Garages

Calgary’s Geography and Climate:

Calgary’s unique geographical and climatic features play a significant role in making it attractive to rodents. Let’s dive into what makes this city a hotspot for our little furry visitors:


Proximity to Natural Habitats: Calgary is surrounded by a diverse range of natural habitats, from the grassy plains to the foothills leading to the Rocky Mountains. These terrains provide natural homes for rodents, and as the city expands, there’s an increasing overlap between human and rodent habitats.

River Systems: The Bow and Elbow rivers, along with their tributaries, run through Calgary. These waterways provide a constant source of water and lush green spaces – perfect spots for rodents to thrive.

Climatic Factors:

Cold Winters: Calgary’s long, cold winters push rodents to seek warmth and shelter. And what better place than our cozy homes? Basements, attics, and garages become ideal refuge spots during those chilly months.

Variable Weather: Known for its unpredictable weather patterns (you might have heard the saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Calgary, wait 10 minutes”), sudden changes can drive rodents indoors. For instance, a sudden snowstorm in the fall can lead to an unexpected influx of mice seeking shelter.

Urban Development:

City Expansion: As Calgary continues to grow and develop, there’s an increasing disturbance of natural habitats, leading rodents to adapt and find homes closer to, or inside, human dwellings.

Construction Sites: These often disrupt the natural balance, temporarily displacing rodents and pushing them to find nearby alternative shelters.

Being in the know about why Calgary is a favored spot for rodents helps homeowners understand and anticipate potential issues. With this insight, residents can be proactive in their approach to rodent control, ensuring their homes remain comfortable and critter-free.

Rodent Infestation Prevention


Home Inspection

Home inspections can be a game-changer when it comes to halting a potential rodent infestation. Think of it as giving your home a thorough check-up! By carefully examining your space, especially those hidden nooks and crannies, you can spot entry points or vulnerabilities where these critters might sneak in. This includes gaps in the foundation, openings around pipes, or even tiny cracks in the walls or roof. An inspection also allows homeowners to identify signs of early infestation, like droppings or gnaw marks, before they escalate. By addressing these issues promptly, you not only prevent a full-blown rodent takeover but also save on potential repair costs and health risks down the line. Remember, it’s always easier to prevent an issue than to deal with its aftermath!

Proper storage of food

Storing food properly is like setting up a protective barrier around your pantry and kitchen against curious rodents. These little critters have an uncanny sense of smell and are always on the hunt for their next meal. By using sealed containers, preferably made of glass or sturdy plastic, you’re ensuring that enticing food aromas don’t waft out and attract unwanted guests. Keeping food off countertops and ensuring that even pet food is stored in airtight containers can make a world of difference. Think of it this way: if mice and rodents don’t smell a feast awaiting them, they’re less likely to see your home as an all-you-can-eat buffet. A simple switch to proper storage can help maintain a rodent-free environment, ensuring both cleanliness and peace of mind.

Disposal of waste

Proper waste disposal is more than just a nod to cleanliness—it’s a frontline defense against rodent invasions. Imagine being a mouse and catching a whiff of a trash can filled with leftovers; it’s like an open invitation to a feast! When you ensure your trash bags are sealed tight and garbage bins have lids that close securely, you’re cutting off a major food source for these critters. It’s also wise to regularly clean trash areas, preventing any residue or spills which might attract them. And don’t forget about compost! If you’re composting organic waste, make sure it’s covered and, if possible, placed in a rodent-proof container. By being diligent in how you handle and store waste, you send a clear message to rodents: “There’s no free meal here!” And this simple act can make a big difference in keeping your home rodent-free.

Landscaping tips

Landscaping isn’t just about beautifying your surroundings; it’s also a strategic move against rodent invaders! When you maintain a neat and tidy yard, you’re reducing hiding spots and potential nesting areas for mice and rats. By trimming overgrown shrubs, bushes, and tall grasses, you make your property less inviting. Moreover, it’s a good idea to keep firewood, compost piles, and other potential shelters a fair distance away from the house. This creates a clear boundary that rodents are less likely to cross. Simple landscaping measures, like ensuring plants are not directly touching your home or sealing gaps in garden sheds, act as an added layer of defense. So the next time you’re out gardening or planning your yard’s layout, remember that every trim and tidy-up is a step towards keeping those pesky rodents at bay!

Regular cleaning

Rolling up your sleeves and sticking to a regular cleaning routine can be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to deter rodents. Picture this: A clean home offers fewer hiding spots, fewer food crumbs, and fewer nesting materials. By vacuuming regularly, especially in those tucked-away corners, you’re eliminating food particles that might have dropped unnoticed. Wiping down surfaces ensures there are no food residues that could attract a hungry mouse. And by decluttering, you reduce potential nesting spots, making your home less appealing for a family of rodents setting up shop. It’s like telling these critters, “This place isn’t for you!” Plus, a cleaner environment allows you to spot early signs of an infestation, such as droppings or gnaw marks, making intervention faster and more effective. So, the next time you pick up that broom or duster, remember you’re not just cleaning—you’re actively safeguarding your home against unwelcome guests!

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