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We will solve your pest problems.

Wasp and insect removal in Calgary, calgary pest control for bees

Certified technicians assess the pest control issues and get rid of pest problems for residential, commercial, and multi-unit customers. We use a combination of extermination and pest prevention to keep you pest free! Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we GUARANTEE all of our pest control services.

Common Pests We Take Care Of!

Bed Bug Pest Control Calgary

We Will Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Calgary


We professionally remove ALL bed bugs and bed bug eggs

As parasitic insects, bed bugs must live near their hosts. Given humans are bed bugs’ hosts, bed bugs live in homes, hotels, and other structures humans are regularly found. Their needs are minimal, requiring only a safe area near their human hosts. Bed bugs quickly move to bite the exposed skin of sleeping humans and then return to their hideout following their blood meal.

Despite their small size, bed bugs are able to travel greater than three meters from their hideout to take a blood meal but are more commonly found in closer proximity to their host, usually one to two meters.


We Inspect, Vacuum, Heat, Steam, Spray, Dust, Follow up and Guarantee Thereafter.

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We Will Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Calgary


We professionally remove ALL cockroaches and cockroach egg cases.

Cockroach problems don’t solve themselves. Trying to get rid of cockroaches in the house becomes increasingly difficult over time. Don’t brush off the signs there is a problem and delay that cockroach pest control effort by even one day. The experienced and efficient team at Major Pest Control will know how to deal with your cockroach problem in Calgary.


We specialize in German Roaches and follow a revolutionary technique.

calgary ant removal, exterminator for ants, ant exterminator near me, pest control services for ants

We Will Get Rid Of Ants In Calgary


We remove ants from your property and keep them away season long with a guarantee.

More than 100 species of ants are found in Canada. Some of these species are “structure-infesting”, having the ability to reside in and around your home. Your home provides the three things ants need: food, moisture, and nesting sites.

Ants are attracted to food remnants found within the home such as spills, crumbs, and leftover pet foods. Ants are also attracted to areas within the home where moisture collects such as in areas with rain damage, leaky pipes, or other condensation.


We get to the queen and eliminate ants from the root.

Pest Control Calgary - Wasp Control

We Will Get Rid Of Wasps In Calgary


We offer fast removal of wasps with our same day service

Wasps are attracted to human environments and activities primarily due to the presence of foods or garbage. Overwintering queens may seek out low traffic areas of homes and structures, such as attics, outbuildings, or other storage spaces. Wasps are capable of delivering multiple stings when provoked, which could potentially result in deadly anaphylactic shock in allergic individuals that do not receive prompt treatment.

Because wasps are extremely territorial and can be dangerous and aggressive, removal of wasp nests should be completed by a trusted and reputable pest control company, like Major Pest Control Calgary!


We combine spray and dust for a rapid wasp control.

Keep Mice Out Of Your House With A Calgary Mouse Control Program.

We Will Get Rid Of Mice & Rodents In Calgary


We combine multiple techniques for rapid mouse control. 

As temperatures drop in the evenings and crisp mornings start to set in, mice are looking for a safe haven to ride out the harsh winter. While these household pests may be small in size, they can make up for it by causing major damage in your home. They’ve been known to also carry dangerous diseases and can contaminate your food.

Here at Calgary Major Pest Control, we have several years of experience dealing with mice infestations in the province of Alberta. Please continue reading as we discuss the common signs of a mice infestation, and the best ways to keep them out of your home this winter.


We eliminate entry points, use mouse traps, choose the best bait for mouse traps, and ensure the proper placement of mouse traps.

Bird and wildlife control calgary, Calgary bird control for pigeons and seagulls

We Will Get Rid Of Bird & Wildlife In Calgary


We combine multiple techniques for effective removal & control of birds and wildlife.

There are so many species of birds and other small wild animals in Canada. Many can become a nuisance or a danger in some cases, and need to be effectively controlled. The experienced and efficient team at Major Pest Control will know how to deal with any wildlife animal or bird problems in Calgary.


We eliminate entry points, use traps, deterrent measures, and monitor for post service activity.

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