How Long Does Bed Bug Extermination Take

May 17, 2023

How Long Does Bed Bug Extermination Take by Major Pest Control Calgary

Bed Bug Exterminator | How Long Does Bed Bug Extermination Take

Having an infestation of bed bugs in Calgary can be stressful and frustrating for everyone involved! Whether you picked up an infestation while on holidays, after you moved into a new building, or you simply have no idea, bed bugs are a nuisance and can cause a lot of problems! However, with the right knowledge, getting rid of them can be done quickly, and you can learn how to prevent this from happening in the future. The first thing to be aware of, is that while bed bugs can hitch a ride, it’s usually in the clothing, luggage or furniture of their previous home, and not on the humans they encounter.

These pests are attracted to people, because of our warmth and that we expel carbon dioxide. They are active at night, and therefore, find us while we sleep to enjoy an easy meal. They will retreat and hide after feasting. While many people will find a red rash on their body if they’ve been bitten by a bed bug. But not everyone will develop a rash. And don’t depend on a rash alone to diagnose bed bugs. Unless you also spot the signs of an infestation – things like the tiny eggs – .8 – 3 mm in size, usually found in cracks and crevices, often on your mattress. Or the reddish black dots indicative of bed bug feces

Know How To Identify Bed Bugs

Also, spotting their molted skins, carcases, or seeing one of the small, flat, brownish insects will be confirmation enough for your doctor to diagnose the rash as bed bug bites. Another indication of a bed bug infestation is an awful odor – usually an unpleasant sweet smell – often similar to the smell of rotting fruit, caused by a thriving colony. However you come across the realization that you have bed bugs, the best first step is to call a bed bug exterminator like Major Pest Control.

They will be able to find the source of the infestation and take care of it quickly. A common problem that many people have when they first find bed bugs, is they try to get rid of the bugs on their own. This is a commendable effort, but often people end up spreading the infestation and make it worse. They will often take the bedsheets off their bed and launder the sheets, spreading eggs throughout the home. Next, homeowners will likely get out a vacuum, introducing eggs and even live bugs to other, wider spread areas of the home.

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Instead, the first thing people should do is call Major Pest Control, bed bug exterminator experts and disturb the contents of the home as little as possible. A mature bed bug can survive up to a year in between meals, so it’s important to contain the infestation to the smallest area possible, to ensure that these pests are all eradicated at the same time. Major Pest Control will do an on-site inspection, and then take action. They will help home owners understand what they can do on their end to clean their clothes, furniture and belongings and what they can do to prevent bringing home bed bugs in the future.

Bed Bug Exterminator | Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Six Weeks

People can expect that they may need anywhere between two to four treatments by a bed bug exterminator. This is often over a month and a half in order to ensure all the bed bugs have been eliminated. However, the size of the infestation, the size of the house, how many people live in the house, and how long the infestation has been there will all factor in to how long it will take to get rid of these pests. While it will not happen overnight, people can get back to their normal life and routine in a relatively short amount of time.

As well, the bed bug exterminator will help home owners understand what they can do to help rid their home of these nuisances. For example, people can wash all their clothes, bedsheets, towels and linen in the washing machine on the hottest setting, then packing the clothes away in sealable bags or bins, will help. If people are going on a trip, they can use vacuum sealable bags to put their clothing in. By keeping their bags sealed, and discarding other clothes in another sealable bags, people can avoid bringing home bed bugs from their vacation.

Prevent Bed Bugs In The Future

Using mattress and box spring covers are another way to prevent bed bugs from making their way onto a mattress. But also, if the mattress still has any eggs or bed bugs on it, the mattress and box spring cover will prevent the bed bugs from escaping. Just keep in mind, that these covers should be kept on the mattress – no need to remove the mattress cover to wash it. Remember – adult bed bugs can live for an entire year before needing to feed again!

Make your home as uninviting to bed bugs as possible, and make it easy for you to spot them. Eliminate any clutter from all areas of your house, but especially in all bedrooms. Vacuum frequently to get rid of any adult bugs who’ve hitched a ride into your home from luggage or furniture. Always wash your laundry on the hottest setting the fabric can handle. Use mattress and box spring covers – even when purchasing the mattress brand new – that will prevent bed bugs from accessing your mattress directly, and can make it easy to clean if you do get infested.

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Since bed bugs are quite adept at procreating – their life cycle makes them especially difficult to get rid of. Bed bugs can lay clutches of 50 to 100 eggs at a time, which mature in 17 days. It’s always the most advantageous to get a professional involved as quickly as possible. Major Pest Control is the best option if anyone has bed bugs in Calgary, and they offer a 100% guarantee that you will be bug free, so give them a call today! 

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